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Diagramação: Angels of the Eternal Sea


    This is a fictional space story that takes place in the future, around the year 2186 when Brazil assumes the key defense position on Earth in collaboration with other global territories. The central theme focuses on a soldier, Elaine, who is a member of the Brazilian Star Force and her adventures facing the terrible alien enemy. The plot, which is revealed throughout the work, now and then describes pieces of the past, going back to the year 2005 when there was a Great Revolt caused by the revelation of the enemy’s, the Blue Ones, intentions to dominate the human race. But the greater part of the action takes place in the year 2186. Combat warships, artificial biological intelligence, interplanetary travel and colossal combats prove this story to be fiction. The main theme is the Threatened Earth, but there is a strange and inconsistent man-machine relationship involving Eliane and her cybernetic companions.

    Detalhes do projeto

    • Cliente: Reinaldo Toso Jr.
    • Data: 2015
    • Informação: Diagramação encomendada pelo autor
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